Introducing Eilean Smith

The resemblance between Neil and his “mother”, Eilean (because that’s the way she stands), is uncanny.  Rather than impinge upon Eilean’s right to free speech, we have asked her to introduce herself and tell it from her perspective.

“I grew up in the small western town of Euabalong where I eventually fell in love with my farming husband, Herb and settled there to raise 14 children.  In my early years at Euabalong, I enjoyed romping in the hay with my cousins and friends and swimming naked in Lake Cargellico.  My life achievements include being the undefeated pavlova champion at the Euabalong Show and successfully appearing as Miss January 1962 in the Euabalong CWA fund raising calender.

Throughout my life, both as student, mother, wife, sex goddess and now mentor to younger women –I have warmed to the written word.  Poetry is my passion, as is the liberation of women and the exposure of men (so to speak).”

Eilean shares her worldly knowledge with others.

Eilean shares a joke with a fan.

Eilean enters her gala day arrangement in the local church display.

Although an international superstar and mentor, Eilean likes to keep her feet on the ground with domestic chores at home.

Eilean usually joins her son Neil on forays into the entertainment world.  She insists on having the last word, appearing later in the programme.  Her discourse on the subjects of getting older, sex (her favourite subject), men and worldly advice usually leave audiences stunned, better educated and rolling in the aisles.  Beware, Eilean’s advice is not for the under 18s and many men are often offended.

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