About Neil

Born and raised on a wheat/sheep farm at Harden-Murrumburrah, Neil is a health and building inspector by trade.  After moving around New South Wales chasing a career in local government, Neil, his wife Bronwen and their 3 boys, Tom, Andrew & Michael, settled in Junee.

Neil runs a successful consultancy these days, providing contract services to local government.  You can visit his business web site at www.bestoday.com.

Although health and building occupies the daylight hours, Neil spends more and more time entertaining at night.  His passion is poetry, particularly humorous bush verse.  In fact, Neil’s aim is to hook up the caravan and head off around Australia with his wife, entertaining on the track.  He says “What a great way to see Australia and meet people.  You can’t beat doing a few poems as a way to meet people.  With a bit of luck, they might also buy a CD or two.”

Neil refers to himself as The Limping Poet because he has a disability.  He reckons it’s an easy way for people to remember him.  He says “I’m hopeless at remembering names and I reckon I’m not the only one.  But if I said to you, “That poet with the big shoe.” or “That bloke with the limp.”……you’d know who I was talking about straight away!”

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