A Word from Neil Smith, The Limping Poet

G’day and welcome to my website. If you enjoy my work then you now have the option of buying my “re-released” CD formerly known as Pearler Poems and my new book. I have changed the format of the poems and cover of the CD to match my new book entitled “Scooter Stan and Other Verses”. I’m sure you’ll get a laugh out of both the book and the CD. Why not buy both as a gift?

This is probably a good place to say a word or two about my Grandfather, George Robinson, who loved to write and recite poetry.  Without a doubt, he’s the one who gave me the initial inspiration and confidence, as a young bloke, to have a go at bush poetry.  My family and friends have since backed me up and given me the encouragement to continue with it.  So here’s to Grandfather!

About the Caravan

The bright yellow caravan featured on this site and the cover of my first CD is ours.  My wife and our 3 boys have enjoyed many tours with it.  It’s affectionately known as “The Love Shack”.  We reckon it was built in about 1959.  It’s a “Sunliner” and was built at Forster on the central coast of NSW.  Anyhow, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet people.  If you see us on the track, stop and say g’day.

Thank you for visiting!